The unit started in the early eighty's. Dr. Elshintinawy was the first member in the unit. He started his master degree at Ain Shams University then finished his MD in USA, Iwa. Now, we are 6 staff members , 2 staff member assistant, 2 resident doctors about to finish their master degree.

The staff members include:

- Professor Abdelhamid  Elshintinawy

- Professor Trandil Elmehallawi

- Professor Enaas Kolkaila

- Assistant Professor Afaf Emara

- Assistant Professor Hanaa Alsanadikei (who is in Qataar now).

- Lecturer Takwa Gaber

- Assistant Lecturer Amani Algharib

- Assistant Lecturer Mona Atteia

- Doctor Reham Lashin.

- Doctor Wessam Mostafa Essawy

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