Professor Abdelhamid Elshintinawy


Name: Abdelhamid Aly Elshintinawy
Date of Birth: March 8, 1951.
Nationality: Egyptian
Social status: Married and has 4 children.
Home address: 6th Amr Ebn Elaas St. Tanta, Egypt.
Telephone Number: Home: 002 040 3318324
Office: 002 040 3352328
Mobile: 002 010 525 7974
Current Position: Professor of Audiology. Head and Supervisor of Audiology Unit. Otorhinolaryngology Dpt. Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Tanta, Egypt.


  1.  M.B.CH.B.: Faculty of Medicine, Tanta University, Egypt, Nov. 1975 with grade very good.
  2. Master (Audiology): Faculty of Medicine, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt, May, 1982 with grade very good.
  3. Ph.D: Speech Pathology and Audiology. The graduate collage, The University of Iowa, Iowa, USA, May, 1990.


  1. March 1, 1976 - February 28, 1977: House office, Tanta University Hospitals, Tanta, Egypt.
  2. March 1, 1977 - April 10, 1979: General practitioner in rural and urban health units, Ministry of Health, El Gharbiah & Kafr Elsheikh Governments, Egypt.
  3. April 11, 1979 - March 16, 1982: Resident of Audiology, Tanta University Hospitals, Dept. of ENT , Tanta Egypt.
  4. March 17, 1982 - July 25, 1982: Regestrar of Audiology-Otorhinolaryngology Dept., Faculty of Medicine, Tanta, Egypt.
  5. July 26, 1982 - August 15, 1984: Assistant lecturer of Audiology, ENT Dept, Faculty of Medicine, Tanta, Egypt.
  6. During the doctoral study period and as a part of the training program at the department of Speech Pathology and Audiology at the University of Iowa, Iowa (USA), I have been working as a research assistant (RA), Teaching assistant (TA) and co-instructor. The details of these positions are as follows:

- 1st Semester 1985 - 1986: RA Auditory physiology laboratory with professor Paul J Abbas. Animal experiments on adaptation of the whole nerve action potentials.
- 2nd Semester and Summer session 1985-1986: RA Voice Laboratory with professor Ingo Titze. Experiments on heat production produced by vibrating excised larynx.

    1. 1st  Semester 1986-1987: TA & co-instructor with professor Chaslav Pavlovic. Hearing Science course.
    2. 2nd Semester 1986- 1987: RA Auditory physiology laboratory with professor Paul J Abbas. Animal experiments on single unit tuning characteristics.
    3. Summer session 1987: RA Psychoacoustics Laboratory with professor Arnold Small. Running human subjects serving for a psychoacoustic experiment on detection of signal presented in different temporal intervals.
    4. 1st Semester 1987-1988: TA & co-instructor of Hearing Science course with professor Chaslav Pavlovic.
    5. 2nd Semester 1987 – 1988: TA for psychoacoustics Laboratory courses with professor Arnold Small. In addition RA in the psychoacoustics Laboratory to run more human subjects in the same experiment done in the summer of 1987.
    6. Summer session 1988: RA to professor Richard Tyler at the Iowa Cochlear Implant Program. The position was to help in developing some speech materials to test cochlear implant patients. These materials are to be used to assess the ability of these implant patients to use some cues in the speech and discover the relative importance of these cues. I have worked also the following 12 months (June 1988-June 1989) on a part time basis on this project with professor Tyler and Nancy Tye-Maurie (Ph. D.).
    7. 1st Semester 1988-1989: co-instructor and coordinator and TA Hearing Science course.
    8. 2nd Semester 1988-1989: RA Auditory physiology laboratory with professor Paul J Abbas to run experiments on electric stimulation of the auditory nerve. Also RA with professor Charlis Anderson.
    9. 1st Semester 1989-1990: RA psychology of language laboratory with professor Richard Hurtig. Working to develop some computer models for vibrotactile aids.
    10. 2nd Semester 198901990: RA Iowa Cochlear Implant project with Nancy Tye-Maurie. Experiments on cochlear implant users for some tasks as delayed auditory feedback. (Graduation was in this semester).
  •  May 30, 1990 – May 30, 1995: lecturer of Audiology, University of Tanta, Tanta, Egypt.
  • May 31, 1995 – August 29, 2001: Assistant Professor of Audiology, University of Tanta,– Tanta, Egypt.
  • August 30, 2001 – until now : Professor of Audiology.


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