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The University has received (General Administration of Students and Education Affaires – Management of Expatriates) the book Professor/ one who is acting as Head of the Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector, Ministry of Higher Education No. 722 +2m in 29/4/2018 regarding rules and procedures of coordination of expatriates at Egyptian Universities and Institutes for the University Year 2018/2019 as the following:
First: University Stage:-
1- Applications for admission via the International Information Network are submitted through the site of the Expatriates Coordination System https://www.wafeden.gov.eg or access the same link through the Ministry's website for Cultural Affairs and Missions www.mohe-casm.edu.eg, starting on Tuesday 1/5/2018 till the end of Friday 31/8/2018 according to the advertisement posted in the sector’s location.

2- The Public Administration would accept and grant the ministry expatriates completing the procedures of the accepted expatriates for this year 2018/2019 through coordination with the entities concerning that issue which allows all the nominated students – whose results have already been published (They submit to the university the acceptance (original) issued by the Central Department of Student Affairs in the Ministry and the University to ensure that this is done on its part through its access to the sector site) to continue study and to enter the examinations until the procedures are completed and the University is informed of approval the Ministry.

3-As for old students who wish to perform re-nomination or registration/transfer/transfer of enrollment, apply directly to the public administration to accept and grant expatriates to the ministry by 31/12/2018.

4- In terms of the shifting between the corresponding faculties, the student is required to obtain the approval of the two sides (the transferred from and to) so that the approvals are exclusively approved by any of the masters (Vice University President for Education and Student Affairs, Dean or Undersecretary for Education and Student Affairs).

5- For expatriates wishing to transfer from Universities of Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, and Iraq, they must apply via the sector’s website www.mohe-casm.edu.eg, starting from 1/8/2018 – as described in the announcement (clause 12).

6- Recommendation of the obligation to accept the ratification - issued by the Ministry by the Presidency - of the admission of expatriates.

Second: Postgraduate Studies:-

A- Scholarships are offered through cultural programs and agreements with various countries, as well as through the Subcommittee of Expatriates at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and if scholarships are offered by the University to any country under bilateral agreements, it must be first approved by Mr. Minister.

B- The names of the candidates for the benefit of grants (university stage - postgraduate) are presented through the Embassy to the Central Department of Student Affairs of the Ministry by August 2018. Any expatriate may be admitted to study at Egyptian Universities and Institutes only through the Ministry, after taking the necessary measures from the public administration to accept and grant the foreign students in the ministry and the concerned authorities to ensure that the candidates meet the conditions of admission, so that no students are registered a university or institute only after the final approval of their admission by the ministry.