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Management of Expatriate Welcomes You Expatriate Management provides you with many services that help all the expatriates to Tanta University .

The Prime Minister's Decree No. 27 of 2016, stands for the fees of a study for expatriates, starting from the University year 2017/2018. First Registration Fees is (1500 USD) for all Faculties.
Faculty Annual Study Fees for Expatriates in dollars
Faculty of Medicine
Faculty of Dentistry
6000 USD
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Computer and Information
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Physical Therapy
5000 USD
Faculty of Veterinary
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Science
Faculty or Nursing
4000 USD
Faculty of Education
Faculty of Physical Education
Faculty of Specific Education
Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Commerce
Faculty of Law
Technical Institute of Nursing
3000 USD