The Department of Otolaryngology, Head & Neck Surgery at Tanta University, Faculty of Medicine offers the optimum care for children, adults & geriatric population in our community.

The staff of the Department covers all the subspecialties of otolaryngology. These include; head & neck surgery, otology & neurotology,  endoscopic sinus surgery, skull base surgery, laryngology, audiology & speech pathology. All the staff members work together as a team to provide the best quality of medical care for the patients.

Otolaryngology Department was one of the first departments in Tanta University to develop teaching courses for medical students and residents. This was achieved by developing advanced teaching rooms with all the recent technological appliances to help in clinical as well as academic teaching. This certainly helps to provide medical students & residents with advanced medical knowledge. This also helps to enrich the role of the university in the community for continuous medical teaching for all doctors in the area.

All members of the department are committed to perfection in medical care as well as the academic field. You are most welcomed to visit our site and to know more about the department & all the facilities provided.

Head of the Department
Prof. Dr. Hesham Hamad


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